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Personal Development

Framework and Reward System

Personal development at Bure Park prepares pupils for for their life beyond school.  We teach personal development through a rigorous PSHE programme of study which recognises the current needs and context of our boys.  We  immerse pupils in a culture which consistently models positive behaviours  and highlights boundaries for them to clearly understand expectations.  Our Personal Development Framework is designed to identify learning opportunities that build proficiency in life skills, facilitate independence and enables us to record personal development.   The Personal Development Framework is the joint responsibility of the Team Around the Child and so successes are seen and documented at all opportunities throughout the school day and within the pupils’' residential time.

The school’s Privilege Scheme is a reward system which encourages and rewards positive behaviour by the provision of appropriate privileges and greater levels of trust and responsibility. Levels are reviewed on a regular basis in team meetings and decisions around privilege changes involve the whole team around the child. Our privilege system allows pupils to be responsible for their own behavioural choices and gives them tangible targets to be able to move through the privilege levels and build on their success.

Pupils are encouraged and rewarded throughout their time in school. Rewards are given as soon as possible after they have been earned. Rewards can take the form of social reward, private praise; symbolic reward (‘earnies’ collected to spend on prizes ranging from a football to a laptop), tangible rewards (certificates, star of the week, postcards home, privilege trips etc.). Some pupils may be uncomfortable with public praise and staff are sensitive to the needs of the individual and respond accordingly.

The school community meets weekly as a whole for a school meeting. This takes the form of passing on information and news, exploring our equality question of the week, displaying and praising good work, effort and endeavour. Other strategies to encourage and reward positive behaviour include Termly Commendations, Awards and Accreditation Certificates for various activities in and out of the school.  Pupils leave the school with a body of evidence that showcases all the success they have achieved.


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