Following a rigorous selection process Boudica Schools Trust (BST) was delighted to be selected by Norfolk County Council and the Department for Education as the preferred provider for Bure Park Specialist Academy.


Bure Park is part of a significant investment that Norfolk County Council is making in education provision for children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) and will provide up to 90 places for boys who require additional support in relation to their Social, Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH) needs.This investment in new provision means that pupils who need high quality additional support will be able to access it in their local communities rather than potentially having to travel very long distances.


BST has a strong track record of success in SEMH school provision. In fact, the first school in the Trust was Eaton Hall Specialist Academy which has been repeatedly graded as Outstanding by Ofsted  for both its SEMH school and residential provision. In addition to Eaton Hall, we also operate a further nine schools across Norwich and the east of the County which includes Primary and Secondary schools.

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"I'm delighted to introduce myself to you as the Executive Headteacher of both Bure Park and Eaton Hall Specialist Academies. It is particularly exciting to be overseeing the opening of Bure Park in Great Yarmouth. The opening of a new special school to complement Eaton Hall in Norwich is something I'm enormously proud of and I am sure Bure Park will make a difference to the lives of its pupils and families in the same way Eaton Hall has for many years. I have worked at Eaton Hall for well over ten years now and I became the Headteacher in 2014. It is one of very few settings in the country for boys with social , emotional and mental health needs which has been graded as Outstanding in education for over ten years. "

However, equally important to the success of these schools is the residential provision. Eaton Hall has been graded as Outstanding in this area for several years and it is by offering a real wrap around education and care service to its pupils that I genuinely believe we change children's lives. 

Building on the successful model of Eaton Hall Bure Park is a largely new build site that boasts some wonderful space and facilities. However, the greatest asset both schools will have are the staff. The leadership teams in both schools include highly experienced skilled people. Whether it is teachers, teaching assistants or care staff the staff are completely committed to the boys and their families. I am proud to lead them.

Keith Bates - Executive Headteacher

"I am extremely excited and honoured to be the Head of School at Bure Park Specialist Academy.  I started my career in education at our sister school, Eaton Hall Specialist Academy, a number of years ago and having worked in other local schools, I returned to Eaton Hall as a senior leader in 2019.  It is the outstanding provision I have seen every day, the dedicated teams I have led and worked alongside and the positive difference I have seen made to the pupils’ everyday lives that I promise to replicate at Bure Park.  

DSC_1259 (2).JPG

Throughout my teaching career, I have been driven by two things; an unwavering enthusiasm for the work I do and an absolute commitment to ensuring that every pupil in my care is given the best possible opportunities to be successful.  The pupils that attend our school will have struggled in education in a variety of ways.  It’s our responsibility to ensure that we remove any obstacles that prevent them from enjoying their time at school, that we create a safe space to learn and thrive and that they leave with the confidence, skills and life chances they are entitled to.  Our pupils deserve the best teachers, the best care and an outstanding education and I am very much looking forward to providing this."

Hayley Ross - Head of School

Section 10 Consultation

As part of the process of opening a new school, BST is required to conduct a  consultation exercise (under section 10 of the Academies Act 2010) to determine whether the trust should enter into a Funding Agreement with the Secretary of State for  Education. 

This consultation gives an opportunity for all stakeholders to learn more about the school and to share their views. This includes parents/carers and pupils, local residents, staff and governors from local schools, Councillors and any other interested parties. 

This is an important step in the school’s journey towards opening in autumn this year and we look forward to hearing your views. 

The consultation period will run from 1/2/21 until 13/2/21 inclusive.

Thank you for taking part in the consultation this is now closed.

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