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Thrive and an

Early Years Approach

We know that pre-birth and early cognitive development is of profound importance; we recognise that some of our children have not had the platform to experience positive early childhood experiences and that some have not reached ‘timely’ developmental milestones.

We understand that concepts such as: information processing; intelligence and reasoning; development of language and memory, demand significant attention in order to build the ability to encode, store and retrieve information. We know the vital importance of play, early reading and writing, maths, language acquisition and social interaction and we acknowledge that without these, our pupils are unable to move more confidently to the next stage of their development.

Our whole school Thrive approach ensures an accurate identification of specific SEMH needs and individual/group actions plans to personalise provision to enable our students to develop the following skills;

Physiological regulation

Emotional regulation

Cognitive regulation

All teachers adopt a Thrive approach to their teaching and classroom environment and childcare officers hold bespoke Thrive sessions each week for pupils to meet their individual needs.

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