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Norfolk Steps is training and advice for practitioners supporting children and young people who may present challenging behaviour. The service is available to all schools, services and individuals concerned with the care and education of Norfolk children. Norfolk steps is nationally accredited within the BILD code of practice for the use and reduction of restrictive physical intervention.


  • To promote safe and effective techniques, utilising therapeutic, education, awareness, communication and positive and protective handling strategies.

  • To promote a whole setting, holistic response to behaviour management.

  • To develop appropriate responses to incidents of 'out of control' behaviour, in a manner that maintains positive relationships and provides safety to all.

  • To reduce the amounts of serious incidents involving physical contact.

  • To promote and stress that at least 95% of all crisis situations should be resolved through calm, controlled, dignified and skilled de-escalation intervention.

The Norfolk LEA has adopted the Norfolk Steps Approach and is carefully managing its introduction into Norfolk schools where the need has been identified. At Bure Park we have four qualified instructors, two advanced and two intermediate. We actively support the broader training and delivery of Norfolk Steps throughout Norfolk.

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