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"It is an honour to be the Headteacher of Bure Park Specialist Academy.  Our school is an amazing place to lead, to work and to attend.  Since opening in September 2021, all visitors and stakeholders in the school have commented on the positive and supportive feel that a tour of the school provides.  I am always in awe of the hard work, compassion and commitment that our staff bring to their work every day.  The culture we have created at Bure Park is as a result of a collective ambition to ensure that our pupils succeed socially, academically and personally and all staff are dedicated to making a difference in our pupils' everyday lives. 


Alongside an excellent academic curriculum, teaching and support, Bure Park pupils receive a broader educational experience which focuses on their social and emotional development.  They learn how to build positive relationships, how to be inclusive and celebrate diversity, how to regulate their own emotions and how to communicate effectively.  Pupils succeed every day at school in ways that some would never have believed possible.  We provide bespoke and flexible routes for pupils to ensure that their personal development goes from strength to strength.  Our residential offer underpins this development and all pupils who attend Bure Park have the opportunity to experience the 24hr curriculum at some point in their time with us.  


Throughout my teaching career, I have been driven by two things; an unwavering enthusiasm for the work I do and an absolute commitment to ensuring that every pupil in my care is given the best possible opportunities to be successful.  The pupils that attend our school will have struggled in education in a variety of ways.  It’s our responsibility to ensure that we remove any obstacles that prevent them from enjoying their time at school, that we create a safe space to learn and thrive and that they leave with the confidence, skills and life chances they are entitled to.  Our pupils deserve the best teachers, the best care and an outstanding education, something we all work hard to deliver at Bure Park every day."

Hayley Ross - Headteacher

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