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All pupils deserve a curriculum that provides equity.  We offer an educational experience which aims, whenever possible, to replicate a mainstream environment.  We strive for pupils to receive the highest quality of education that can gain them outcomes which mirror those provided in a non-specialist school and prepares them for their lives outside of school.  Each pupil’s journey is personalised to meet their specific SEMH needs through a holistic, ambitious, sequenced and flexible curriculum.


Whilst teaching, dynamic assessments are made by the team in order to establish the learning readiness of every pupil and the whole class so that the key learning priorities can be identified at any given time. This may mean that learning objectives can be changed to meet the immediate needs of pupils. This nuanced approach enables teachers to maximise effective learning time towards our holistic aims and vision.

Our curriculum is cemented in the National Curriculum and the belief and confidence that our pupils are able to learn, to enjoy learning and are capable, over time, of becoming happy, successful and self-fulfilling adults. We know that our pupils come to us with different challenges and starting points, yet our core responsibility to them all is to: diminish learning barriers; increase knowledge; teach positive behaviour and enhance skills and understanding; build self-esteem, confidence, strength and resilience, character and virtues. Our rich, varied and engaging curriculum provides substantial opportunities for personal development, bonded by dependable relationships.

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