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Our curriculum is cemented in the belief and confidence that our pupils are able to learn and are capable, over time, of becoming happy, successful and self-fulfilling adults. Our rich, varied and engaging curriculum provides substantial opportunities for personal development, bonded by dependable relationships.

Our core aim is for every pupil to:

  • To enjoy attending school and experience success.

  • Be able to recognise their strengths, have the confidence to try new things, visit different places, meet different people, have confident conversations and make sense of the world around them.

  • Know how to make safe choices and develop the skills to make better decisions independently.

  • Be a functional reader and writer; have an increasing vocabulary; have the capability to read for pleasure and also to gain and provide information for life’s journey.

  • Have functional maths and computing skills.

  • Know how to build a sense of mental and physical health, well-being and happiness.

  • Know how to play, make friends and build and maintain healthy relationships and have the ability to be able to transfer these skills into adulthood.

  • Be immersed in the outdoors.

  • Know who they are, where they belong and how they can contribute to the school, their home community and society.

  • Have respect for their own and others’ identity, views, rights, faiths and beliefs and the law.

  • Develop the resilience to challenge themselves and the perseverance to bounce back from experiences and overcome barriers and previous experiences.

  • Have the skills to successfully access their next stage of education.

  • To develop communication skills and enhance emotional vocabulary.

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