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Pupil Premium


Objectives of the Pupil Premium Funding

Evidence shows that the most effective schools achieve best outcomes through high-quality teaching, strong leadership, a relevant and coherent curriculum, a culture of high expectations and targeted catch-up and enrichment activities. Intrinsic support in the basics can enable children from disadvantaged backgrounds to catch-up with their peers. Schools also influence how parents support their child's learning and behaviour as they grow older and their needs develop. They can also help parents understand the breadth of possibilities open to their child and how their child can achieve their aspirations.

 Our pupils have a range of social, emotional and mental health needs which act as a significant barrier to their academic and social learning.  Many of the pupils coming to us this year have not been in full time education for a number of years and now have the opportunity to make significant progress academically.  In order to be ‘learning ready,’ our students require strategies and techniques to regulate their own emotions and access to an ambitious curriculum within and beyond the classroom.  We will be spending our Pupil Premium funding on therapeutic interventions, opportunities to build on cultural capital and provisions to enhance the curriculum. 

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