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Residential Experience

The residential accommodation at Bure Park Specialist Academy is organised into three houses named after key historical fishing ports in the local area (Breydon, Yare and Waveney).

The layout of these houses has been organised so that each pupil has an individual bed space with some degree of privacy and an area of personal space where they can express their individuality. Pupils are encouraged to decorate their display boards with posters, drawings, photographs and mementoes.  Each of the three houses also contains a bath, shower and toilet facilities and communal lounges and kitchenettes.

The staff aim to create an environment which is consistent, caring and affording them security.  A fine balance between the group living experience and individual treatment is aimed for. A living experience of this nature allows children who may have been anxious, fearful, hostile, or distrustful to thrive and accept opportunities of participating in unfamiliar experiences, acquiring new skills and interests, involving themselves in a range of social relationships and developing personal and communal responsibility and competency.

Staffing Arrangements

During the residential time, the shift is run by a Senior SEMH Keyworkers with staff rostered to sleep-in.

Pupils are aware that they can contact the sleeping-in staff at any time during the night and the staff themselves deal with any disturbance should it occur.

Statement of Purpose

In our statement of purpose we introduce our vision of improving the life chances for all our pupils. This vision is achieved through the application of the statements in the document.

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