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Our 24 hour curriculum is cemented in the belief and confidence that our students are able to learn and are capable, over time, of becoming happy, successful and self-fulfilling adults. We know that our pupils come to us with different challenges and starting points, yet our core responsibility to them all is to: diminish learning barriers; increase knowledge; teach positive behaviour and enhance skills and understanding; build self-esteem, confidence, strength and resilience, character and virtues.

  • We at Bure Park want all of our pupils to enjoy attending school and experience success.

  • We teach pupils to be able to recognise their strengths, have the confidence to try new things, visit different places, meet different people, have confident conversations and make sense of the world around them.

  • Our staff equip the pupils with the skills and knowledge of how to make safe choices and develop the skills to make better decisions independently

  • At Bure Park Specialist Academy we offer a rich, varied and engaging curriculum that provides substantial opportunities for personal development, bonded by dependable relationships. Within those dependable relationships we teach social skills with each other, with the adults and with our wider community.

  • We educate pupils to appreciate diverse viewpoints through our displays, our PSHE and RSE teaching and our assemblies.

  • We teach the pupils how to play, make friends and build and maintain healthy relationships and have the ability to be able to transfer these skills into adulthood

  • Our 24 hour curriculum incorporates a wide range of opportunities for the pupils including, educational enrichment trips and residential trips that allows our pupils to experience cultural opportunities that they may not have experienced previously.

  • At Bure Park we teach a full PSHE and RSE programme that is supported with our assembly programme allowing the pupils many opportunities to reflect on their learning

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