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Bure Park Specialist Academy

The admissions to Bure Park are made on the basis of referrals by Norfolk Local Authority. The school’s Admissions Policy can be found on the policies page and is largely based on the Local Authority’s guidance for admissions to special schools.

The admission procedure is the first stage in creating a good relationship and partnership between school and home.

The main stages of the admissions procedure are as follows:

  1. An invitation is extended for you to visit the school either as part of regularly held open afternoons or as an individual visit.

  2. At this visit, the Head of Care or another senior member of staff will show you round the building. The school day is explained in more detail and the family are able to meet other staff and pupils and see the school in operation. More time is available with the Headteacher if required. The prospective pupil is offered a tour of the school by an existing pupil of the same age.

  3. An invitation by the Head of Care is then offered to revisit the school or an appointment made for a home visit to complete admission papers.

All aspects of how the school operates, our philosophy and practice, are fully explored and explained throughout the admission process. Information which may need sharing regarding medical needs, religious education, pocket money, consent forms, residential routines, rewards and consequences, etc. will all be discussed in detail during these meetings.

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