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Bure Park Specialist Academy

Bure Park is a brand new academy in Great Yarmouth, opened September 2021 for boys aged 6-16yrs old. The academy is sister to a well established, outstanding provision in Norwich; Eaton Hall Specialist Academy. At Bure Park we share the ethos, vision and outstanding practices developed at Eaton Hall which have ensured that pupils over the last forty plus years leave having experienced a caring, enriching and successful education.

All pupils attending Bure Park will have an Educational Health Care Plan with Social, Emotional and Mental Health as their primary need, however additional to this our pupils come to us with a range of different challenges and starting points. Our parents tell us that their children have had, generally speaking, negative experiences of education and that coupled with SEN and other challenges, their family life is significantly impacted upon. It is important therefore, that we work closely with parents and carers. This is an important feature of our work in terms of engagement, providing support and guidance, helping fulfil aspiration and potential and enhancing quality of life for the entire family.

There is no greater reward for parents, staff and the pupils themselves than witnessing the progress made in class, in their relationships with staff and peers and in their general behaviour. We set high and achievable standards for all our pupils and achieve success through a variety of strategies centered on: diminishing learning barriers; increasing knowledge; teaching positive behaviour and enhancing skills, reflective thinking and understanding; building self-esteem, strength and resilience, character and virtues. Watching pupils grow to be happy and confident young people is at the core of what we do and why we work so hard to do it.

We hope this website will help you and your
child to learn more about our school and very
much look forward to meeting you.

Hayley Ross
Head of school


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To improve life chances
for all our pupils.

We look to achieve this by addressing pupils’ social and emotional needs. All elements of teaching and learning at Bure Park have these needs at their heart.

We aim to restore equilibrium to the child and family, return the child to the home setting and where appropriate, to mainstream education.